Speakers include those delivering devotionals, interactive seminars, sermon formatted messages, children and teen studies in alphabetical order.

  • Aaron Baker Aaron Baker

    Married to Lori for 29 years and  have 3 sons.  Over the last couple years we have gained a wonderful daughter-n-law and granddaughter.  I grew up in a very loving, biblical based home, and have kept the 7th day Sabbath and Holy days all my life.  I have worked as a professional goldsmith for 30 plus years and enjoy semi professional hobbies in music and woodworking, meaning I have earned just enough money from both to buy a toy or tool every now and then to support my habit.  In 2010 God gave me a gentle tap and asked if I was done just sitting on the church bench and ready to fully engage in a relationship with him.  I was and did.  Since then I cant wait to share with others just how real God is and what he does for us on a minute by minute basis.

  • Nicole Bowers Nicole Bowers

    Nicole lives in Georgia with Skip, her husband of 24 years, and their three children ages 21, 16, and 7. When their oldest was 5, she felt the Lord calling her to home school and has home schooled all 3 of their children. She feels her most important work is to disciple their children to have a biblical worldview in today’s culture.  Nicole, as well as her oldest daughter, Rachel, teach art classes to children of all ages both in their home, online, and through their Home school Co-op.  She attends a local Sabbath fellowship with her two girls age 16 and 7, where she continues to learn and grow in God’s Word.  Nicole’s interests include studying End Times Prophecy, bird-watching, art s and crafts, as well as teaching art and the wonders of God’s amazing creation to other home schoolers in her area.

  • Robin Clary Robin Clary

    Robin Clary grew up in Minnesota and began attending a seventh-day Sabbath church at the age of 12. She and her husband, Tim, have been married for 30 years and have raised three great kids. Robin and Tim currently live in Georgia on a mini farm where they have a garden, sheep, chickens, guinea fowl, a donkey and a Great Pyrenees. Robin also has a goldendoodle, Toby, who is a certified therapy dog, and the two of them go on monthly visits to see nursing home and hospice patients. Robin is part of a Japanese ministry, and she and Tim volunteer with Meals on Wheels. Robin hosts a weekly Bible study in her home on the Sabbath.

    Seminar Topics (subject to change):

    Healing: WWJD?
    Healing. At one time or another, nearly all of us have asked for prayer for healing for ourselves or our loved ones. But often, it seems we are left without the results we have prayed for. Why? Are we missing something? What did Jesus say? What did Jesus do? Is healing really for us today?

    I Thirst
    Are you thirsty for God and His Word? Do your prayer life and quiet time with God reveal an urgent desire to be filled with something the world simply cannot supply? Let’s look at how our thirst is a blessing that gives us a yearning for our Maker and Master. If you honestly aren’t very thirsty, come. Maybe the dew will draw out your longing.

    Biblical Cosmology: What Does the Bible Say About the Shape of the Earth?
    Perhaps you’ve heard the debate. 21st Century individuals are seriously questioning the heliocentric model of the solar system and concluding that the earth is not a spinning ball. Seriously? Yes. And these “flat earthers” seem to have not only sound arguments to counter the scientific system of belief, but a viable Biblical perspective as well. If you’re curious about what this debate is all about, or wondering if it even matters, please join me as we delve into what the Bible says about the shape of the earth.

  • Chris DeWeese Chris DeWeese

    Chris has made the Kansas City, MO area his family’s adopted home for the last 18 years. He has been married to Diana for twenty years and they have three children ages 17, 15, and 12. Diana is a third generation Sabbath keeper who introduced Chris to the Sabbath which started Chris’ journey into the faith once delivered to the saints. Chris is the Pastor of The Word and the Way, a Sabbath and Holy Day assembly in the Kansas City Metro. Chris has been working with electronics since joining the US Navy in 1991 and presently manages a department of Field Service Engineers in the Biomedical industry as his career. Chris has an AS degree from Colorado Technical University.

    Website: https://www.thewordandtheway.net/

  • Annie Doll Annie Doll

    Craig & Annie Doll are from Kansas, living in the Oklahoma City area since 2004, where they own/operate an Outreach Thrift Store. They have been married for 30 years, with 2 adult sons and 1 granddaughter. Annie is a master herbalist with over 30 years experience in aromatherapy, herbs, and the natural health field, and is founder of her company, Essential Herb. They attended Church of God in the 70’s through the 90’s, then hosted a home fellowship and conferences before attending Bet Ami Congregation in Oklahoma City since 2007, where they are elders and Annie is a dance leader.

    SUBJECT #1: Introduction to Dance in Scripture. Is dancing an acceptable form of worship, and how does it pertain to God’s festivals?

    SUBJECT #2:  Essential Oil Lessons with Make & Take Roller.  Short & Sweet discussion on 2-3 topics of common interest. All supplies are provided for guests to make a free essential oil roller of their topic choice.

  • Norman Edwards Norman Edwards

    Norman Edwards graduated from Ambassador College in 1978 and worked as a computer programmer/analyst for the Worldwide Church of God until 1992, where he implemented a computer-searchable Bible. He headed the computer department of the Global Church of God from its beginning in 1993 through 1994 and served on its board of directors and doctrinal committee.

    In 1995, After months of Bible study, Norman wrote How Does the Eternal Govern Through Humans?, a 60-page paper expounding the spiritual gifts Christ used to govern the New Testament Church versus the humanly devised “church” denominations, hierarchies, ordinations, doctrinal statements, etc. Since that time, he has worked as an independent minister, raising his family from the provisions God made through hundreds of believers.

    He published Servants’ News, an independent Bible Study Newsletter, from 1995 to 2010. In an effort to not only teach, but bring the love of God to others, he started and ran a homeless shelter ministry from 2010 to 2018 at Port Austin, Michigan, housing 639 people with an average stay of 93 days. Nearly all of his writings are still available at ServantsNews.com and CBTM.info.

    Norman has been married to Marleen for 36 years, and they have four adult sons. They handed off the homeless ministry to a younger couple and moved to Nashville in 2018 to be near their eight grandchildren. They are semi-retired, but Norman hopes to continue teaching important Bible subjects through web sites and short YouTube videos.

    Receiving Spiritual Gifts

    Spiritual gifts are taught extensively in five chapters of the Bible—and there are hundreds of other verses which are examples of the use of these gifts. There are 22 gifts specifically mentioned, which can be divided into four categories of personal virtue giftsmiraculous giftseducation gifts and leadership gifts. These spiritual gifts are the biblical basis whereby Christ leads His church. We are commanded to pray for them. Yet believers more often talk about other things which have their place in the church, but are not specifically mentioned in the Bible: prayer lists, mission statements, doctrinal statements, activity schedules, etc.

    This teaching expounds the vital scriptures on spiritual gifts and incorporates today’s experience with these gifts by the presenter as well as members of the audience through an interactive discussion.

  • Cathy Leitch Cathy Leitch

    Cathy grew up in the Midwest, graduated from Ambassador College, and this year will be celebrating her 45th Feast of Tabernacles!  Cathy and her husband, John, live on a hobby farm in Southern Ontario. Following God’s direction and path has been a wonderful journey.  Cathy’s journey included growing up in a family business and working in another family business, receiving a Ph.D. in Business Management in 1999 from Texas Tech University and teaching in various universities for 20 years,  and uprooting from Wisconsin and immigrating to Canada in 2011.

    In 2015, Cathy started a newsletter, “Equip, Edify, & Encourage” to enable writers like her husband John and others to be able to share their gifts through scriptural articles, sharing of stories of God working in our lives, etc.

    Title:  Reconciliation and Forgiveness

    Description:  What does reconciliation and forgiveness really mean? In this interactive session, we will discuss “levels” of forgiveness and what it takes to be able to forgive.

  • Antonio Lombardo Antonio Lombardo

    Antonio Lombardo is 33 years old and has always has been an Entrepreneur. He graduated with his bachelors in Economics from Michigan State University in 2009. In 2010 he learned about God’s church through a close friend while running a small business. Antonio, and his wife Julia, live in Tampa, Florida and have been married 8 years and run a real estate brokerage, a transaction management company, an insurance agency, and 6 partnership brokerages across the United States together. Antonio believes in living an extraordinary and abundant life while building Godly character. He does so daily as a leader and example to over 100 employees, partners, and vendors.

  • Ben Mauldin Ben Mauldin

    Ben has been married to his wife Rebekah for 16 years. They have four children ages five to fourteen. Ben is a second-generation Sabbath and Holy Day keeper. His family is thankful to be a part of a very loving congregation with many wonderful examples of Christian service. He and his family live on a small, (too small to call it a farm) rural piece of land where they raise their own beef, eggs, and honey.

  • Rebekah Mauldin Rebekah Mauldin

    Rebekah and her husband Ben, live in Temple, TX, with their 4 children. Rebekah grew up in Dallas, and attended Ambassador University, where she graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems. She has been working as a project manager for most of her career, and is blessed to work from home while they homeschool their children. Rebekah enjoys spending time with the family, cooking, and reading. They are blessed to have a local fellowship group that is small, but loving, with the following as a motto, “The word of God is our only law, and to love each other is our only rule.”

  • Phillip McCollum Phillip McCollum
    Phillip McCollum and his wife, Elaine, have been married for 28 years. They reside in Franklin, TN with their two children, Emily and Zachary. Phillip loves Jesus and will talk to anyone at any time about Him.
    Favorite authors and speakers include: Paul Washer, Francis Chan, Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, David Platt, C. S. Lewis, A. W. Tozer, Watchman Nee and Joel Osteen. Favorite Christian artists include: Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, Casting Crowns, Third Day, Newsboys and Hillsong.
    Phillip has a bachelors degree in Theology from Ambassador College and will present a message on the Last Great Day titled, “Are You Thirsty Yet?”
  • Lisa McComb Lisa McComb

    Lisa is a wife and mother of two teenage girls.  Her passion is teaching.  She is a 6th and 7th grade Math teacher at Cumberland Academy Middle School, a charter school in Tyler, TX.  She is also very active in her church, Church of God, International, Tyler TX, and is the women’s ministry/retreat director as well as the co-host of CGI’s Friday night webcast Bring on the Sabbath.  This feast, she will be presenting “The Modern Techno Church”.  This will be a study on how the trend of modern churching is progressing in the US and how it affects us as members of the Churches of God.  She will be presenting an electronically interactive presentation and all ages are welcome to attend!  Please bring a cell phone or iPad to participate in the electronic items, but it is not a necessity to bring one.

  • Bonnie Monahan Bonnie Monahan

    “Bonnie lives in Emporia, KS and is working on her master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling. She attends Heartland Church of God with close family and friends, and has always enjoyed working with young children. She is looking forward to teaching a youth class at the Feast this year, and views the fall holy days as a very special and rejuvenating season!”

  • Kathy Monahan Kathy Monahan

    My name is Kathy Monahan. I will be teaching the children’s choir at the 2019 Feast. I love to work with children and music! I have taught music education in the public school system and years of 4H and homeschool choir. I currently teach piano and voice students from our home. My husband John and I have 4 adult children: Patrick, Daniel, Bonnie & Molly and 1 grandson, Ezra. Come visit us in Kansas on our small goat/chicken farm! I’m excited to help the kids learn more about God and His ways through song!

  • Dennis Pilkington Dennis Pilkington

    Dennis Pilkington, 42, lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his 15-year old son. Dennis’ deep passion for history (especially ancient history), geography, philosophy, and developmental processes finds rich fulfillment in the pages of Scripture, where he delights in discovering something new every day. 

    Dennis visited multiple Pentecostal, Assemblies of God, and other Charismatic churches while growing up in Central Texas, and attended several Baptist and Methodist churches after moving to Missouri during his early high school years. However, it wasn’t until 2001 that he turned his heart over to God with sincerity. He discovered the Sabbath in the pages of Scripture shortly thereafter.

    Dennis’ other interests include hanging out with family, coaching youth sports, reading good books, and recalling 80s pop culture. Feel free to engage him in friendly in-depth arguments over Scripture, current and historical events, movies, football, or anything else that involves a strong opinion.

    Sabbath Message (10/12) – Biblical Discernment – The theme of our Feast is 1 John 4:19, “We love, because He loved us first.” How has He loved us? YHWH gave us His only begotten Son in order to bring us back to Him; what greater gift could there be? The 2nd greatest gift is like it – His Word. It is the standard, the point of reference, the plumb line by which we can test the spirits. In fact, it is the only means by which we know that Yeshua is the Messiah and the Son of God. Who are we to love? Our neighbor, as we love ourselves. If we are to fulfill that Commandment, then we who are teachers, we who are leaders, and we who are disciples need to have His Word properly discerned. How are we doing on that front? 

    Seminar Message (10/20) – The Golden Calf – The episode of the Golden Calf at the foot of Mt Sinai is a shocking and ominous moment in the history of God’s called out ones. However, the story of the Golden Calf is not limited to a few sentences in Exodus 32 – it stretches across Scripture and continues to affect His people to this very day.

    Website: https://www.thewordandtheway.net/

  • Nate Rollins Nate Rollins

    Nate Rollins lives with his wife, Sylvia, and their three children (11, 14, & 17) in Boylston, Massachusetts – about an hour west of Boston. He has always lived in the north-east, and has moved about 25 times in his life. He was baptized in 1996. In addition to his commitment to following God, he spends his time with his family, working as a self employed mechanical engineer, mentoring local children at the public schools, and publishing a monthly letter of Biblical encouragement. He has a strong interest in the relationships between members of the church body. He believes that there is great benefit for God’s family members to create, develop, and nurture close relationships with one another.

    Seminar: Transition Into Adulthood – The College Choice”

    Do you have a child who is considering going to college? Does that idea make you nervous at all? If you are worried about how to pay for it, the value of a college education today, the potential for college to be a bad influence, or when, where, and how to start preparing, I will talk about my recent experience with all of that. Topics will include when to start the selection process, financial aid and planning, the value of a degree, the probable influences students face, and plenty of time for an open discussion.

  • Sylvia Rollins Sylvia Rollins

    Sylvia resides with her husband Nathan, and their three children (ages 17, 15 and 11) in Boylston, MA. She grew up in the Church of God and currently attends a home fellowship with her family. She has a degree in Biology, a certification in Medical Coding, and currently works as a self-employed translator/editor and substitute teacher at the local elementary school. She enjoys gardening, camping, cooking, and baking.

  • John Snyder John Snyder

    John, also goes by Johnny, a native of Big Sandy, Texas, lives in McKinney, Texas. He and his wife Maria Marcela from Bogota, Colombia, have been married for 19 years and have 4 children ages 16, 13, 10 and 6, three of which are adopted. John has over 24 years experience working in the field of Information Technology and has his Masters from Boston University.  He completed his undergraduate degree in Theology from Ambassador University in Big Sandy. They have been active in hosting fellowships in their home since 2001 in an effort to foster open communication and hope to live and teach what it means to be a living sacrifice.

    John plans to host the Stepping Up men’s group discussion as well as give the opening message on the first day pertaining to the theme of this year’s feast of tabernacles.

  • Paul Syltie Paul Syltie

    Paul is a farm boy from southwestern Minnesota who never intended to leave the farm, but the Creator had other plans. He attended Midwestern universities, receiving a Ph.D. in soil fertility in 1980 from North Dakota State University, but also attended Ambassador College in the early 1970s and was drafted into the U.S. Army during the Viet Nam War. He married his high school sweetheart Sandy in 1967, and they have six children and twelve grandchildren (so far); both were baptized in 1971. He has worked with Vital Earth Resources out of Gladewater, Texas, for many years and has helped spread the message of regenerative agriculture to people in many nations. Paul’s passion throughout life has been to serve the Living God through writing and publishing on topics such as God’s government, the nature of the coming age, marriage, and the soils upon which all of civilization depends. He and his wife are a champions of the New Testament home fellowship model.

  • Allen Turner Allen Turner

    Allen worked as a machinist for over 20 years in Detroit Michigan.  At 46 he made a career transition, became an electrician, and has been self employed for 15 years as the owner of Modern Electric.  Allen enjoys professional associations at Compass Macomb and also attends C12 special events for Christian business leadership training.  He has been active in the art show circuit creating and selling copper sculptures.  Allen loves to moderate small group bible studies and has a particular interest in apologetics, free market economics and Christian poetry. His direction now is to provide a program that encourages and equips young Christians to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

    Allen and Sharlene, his lovely wife of 36 years reside in Michigan.  Julia their daughter is married to Antonio Lombardo.

    Title – Christian Entrepreneurship.  Business as a platform for ministry.

    The church has not traditionally encouraged our young ones to consider a career path of business start up and ownership.  Our influence as Christian business owners adds value into the lives of customers, employees, and suppliers.  If we want to spend our lives ministering to others, this is certainly a viable option that penetrates and positively affects those around us.  Encouragement and support in this direction can change the future of our nation.  It is an arena that allows us to use gifts to produce much fruit.  Let the church support Christian business as a platform for ministry.

  • Brandy Webb Brandy Webb

    Bio:  Brandy lives in Avinger, TX on 23 acres with her husband, Joshua, and their two children, Jazmyn and Asher.  She is a homeschooling mom, blogger, telecommute office assistant, and trying to learn farming.  She loves to write and sing. She also enjoys fellowshipping with others, and strives hard to follow God’s ways.  She is very grateful that our God is patient and forgiving.   Brandy was born in Du Bois, PA, but has called Texas her home since she was seven years old.

    Title:  Love Yourself to Love Others Better

    Summary:  I believe that it is important to love yourself, so that you can in turn love others better. Not the selfish ‘self-love,’ no the humble Godly self-love, the love that likes who God created us to be and projecting that onto others. I believe it is important to love ourselves unconditionally in order to be able to love others unconditionally.

  • Dianne Webb Dianne Webb

    Dianne Webb was baptized in 1963, in Santa Barbara, CA. She is the mother of six children, a grandmother of 8, and great-grandmother of 3. She lives in Avinger, TX with husband of 41 years, Mike Webb. In January of 2018, she accepted an invitation from Richard Mogendi to visit widows and orphans in Southwest Kenya. After returning, she and her husband began a 501c3, Tabitha Outreach Foundation, to raise funds to assist with the education and training for the people she met there. Mike and Dianne have recently returned from a visit to check on the progress of many projects. They are excited to share the news of their visit.

    Summary: Her talk will be about the work that the Tabitha Outreach Foundation is doing in Southwest Kenya for widows and orphans.

  • Amanda Weiss Amanda Weiss

    Amanda and her husband, Mark, have been married for 17 years and live in east Texas with their two daughters, Megan and McKinley. Mark and Amanda have observed the Sabbath and holy days for their entire lives, but they have realized that there is great reward to peeling back the layers of scripture through personal Bible study rather than relying on church literature to always guide their beliefs. Amanda is a school counselor and an adjunct faculty member at a local junior college where she teaches psychology and education classes. They currently attend a Sabbath fellowship near their home in Quitman, TX.

    The Biblical Role of Women:  This is a topic that has been very controversial and has caused a lot of heartache within the body of believers.  Without trying to cause division or debates, let’s dive into scripture and let the Bible be our guide as we try to understand the true role of women.  Starting in Genesis and then looking at women throughout the Bible, we can get a clearer understanding of what our Creator envisioned for the “help meet”.  We will also tackle some of the words of Paul and look at the context and original language of those texts to help us understand what he meant when he spoke of women in his letters.  Hopefully, we will come away with a better understanding of God’s intent for women and how we can walk that out in our lives today.  

  • Mark Weiss Mark Weiss

    Mark Weiss was born in East Texas and currently lives in Quitman,Texas. His wife Amanda (who is from Alabama) and he have been married 17 years and have two daughters – ages 14 and 12. Mark has a Bachelors degree in Organizational Management and graduated from an alternative certification program to teach middle school. He currently teaches 7th Grade Math at Winona ISD which is situated north of Tyler. He and his wife host monthly Bible Studies for continued growth not only personally, but with the group of friends who attend. Mark’s favorite scripture is 2 Peter 3:18 “But grow in the grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. to Him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.”

    Subject: Leading in Love

  • More Speakers More Speakers

    More speaker bios will be coming soon. Speakers include devotionals, interactive seminars, main messages and children and teen groups.

    Steve Sandy of Michigan

    Travis Stotts of south-central Texas