Allen Turner

Allen worked as a machinist for over 20 years in Detroit Michigan.  At 46 he made a career transition, became an electrician, and has been self employed for 15 years as the owner of Modern Electric.  Allen enjoys professional associations at Compass Macomb and also attends C12 special events for Christian business leadership training.  He has been active in the art show circuit creating and selling copper sculptures.  Allen loves to moderate small group bible studies and has a particular interest in apologetics, free market economics and Christian poetry. His direction now is to provide a program that encourages and equips young Christians to pursue a career in entrepreneurship.

Allen and Sharlene, his lovely wife of 36 years reside in Michigan.  Julia their daughter is married to Antonio Lombardo.

Title – Christian Entrepreneurship.  Business as a platform for ministry.

The church has not traditionally encouraged our young ones to consider a career path of business start up and ownership.  Our influence as Christian business owners adds value into the lives of customers, employees, and suppliers.  If we want to spend our lives ministering to others, this is certainly a viable option that penetrates and positively affects those around us.  Encouragement and support in this direction can change the future of our nation.  It is an arena that allows us to use gifts to produce much fruit.  Let the church support Christian business as a platform for ministry.