Cathy Leitch

Cathy grew up in the Midwest, graduated from Ambassador College, and this year will be celebrating her 45th Feast of Tabernacles!  Cathy and her husband, John, live on a hobby farm in Southern Ontario. Following God’s direction and path has been a wonderful journey.  Cathy’s journey included growing up in a family business and working in another family business, receiving a Ph.D. in Business Management in 1999 from Texas Tech University and teaching in various universities for 20 years,  and uprooting from Wisconsin and immigrating to Canada in 2011.

In 2015, Cathy started a newsletter, “Equip, Edify, & Encourage” to enable writers like her husband John and others to be able to share their gifts through scriptural articles, sharing of stories of God working in our lives, etc.

Title:  Reconciliation and Forgiveness

Description:  What does reconciliation and forgiveness really mean? In this interactive session, we will discuss “levels” of forgiveness and what it takes to be able to forgive.