Nate Rollins

Nate Rollins lives with his wife, Sylvia, and their three children (11, 14, & 17) in Boylston, Massachusetts – about an hour west of Boston. He has always lived in the north-east, and has moved about 25 times in his life. He was baptized in 1996. In addition to his commitment to following God, he spends his time with his family, working as a self employed mechanical engineer, mentoring local children at the public schools, and publishing a monthly letter of Biblical encouragement. He has a strong interest in the relationships between members of the church body. He believes that there is great benefit for God’s family members to create, develop, and nurture close relationships with one another.

Seminar: Transition Into Adulthood – The College Choice”

Do you have a child who is considering going to college? Does that idea make you nervous at all? If you are worried about how to pay for it, the value of a college education today, the potential for college to be a bad influence, or when, where, and how to start preparing, I will talk about my recent experience with all of that. Topics will include when to start the selection process, financial aid and planning, the value of a degree, the probable influences students face, and plenty of time for an open discussion.