Paul Syltie

Paul is a farm boy from southwestern Minnesota who never intended to leave the farm, but the Creator had other plans. He attended Midwestern universities, receiving a Ph.D. in soil fertility in 1980 from North Dakota State University, but also attended Ambassador College in the early 1970s and was drafted into the U.S. Army during the Viet Nam War. He married his high school sweetheart Sandy in 1967, and they have six children and twelve grandchildren (so far); both were baptized in 1971. He has worked with Vital Earth Resources out of Gladewater, Texas, for many years and has helped spread the message of regenerative agriculture to people in many nations. Paul’s passion throughout life has been to serve the Living God through writing and publishing on topics such as God’s government, the nature of the coming age, marriage, and the soils upon which all of civilization depends. He and his wife are a champions of the New Testament home fellowship model.